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API Development And Integration

The API is primarily known for Application Programming Interface, is a set of programming commands that are needed for obtaining access to a Database, Web Applications, and other data sources which require to be accessed for business. The API is hosted between two applications which is your business Applications and other business applications to set up communication for your business success and growth.

At ShriShail Technologies, our API developers have years of expertise and experience in developing API integration across multiple platforms. Our services consist of API design, development and integration. We have inclusive, working knowledge of JSON API, REST API development, and XML API for web app API integration, mobile API integration and native app API integration.

Now you are aware about what API is, but you still may not value its true significance. APIs are necessary in allowing businesses to make applications that enhance their competence through greater data influence. It is especially vital in assisting businesses reach their corporate voice through the third party business apps and also the development of Mobile Applications.

APIs are the key module in translating your requirement for business solutions into reality. APIs are a vital platform for API developers to draw the best tools for streamlining and simplifying many of the activities and jobs done by businesses. Google’s search Application programming interface is a great example of how businesses can use it to recognize keywords significant to their target audience.

At ShriShail Technologies, we can help your business by implementing an API of a third party program by developing a custom API or Web Service that can be used by third party programs to exchange and communicate digital information with your program. APIs are based on different methodology, but most common XML, SOAP and Web Services are used for exchange of data over the internet.

We at ShriShail Technologies builds secure web service programs and API that need authentication to guarantee safe transfer. One of the challenges when developing Web Services and custom APIs is performance. To address performance issues at ShriShail Technologies engineers has developed an arsenal of multithreading and call back modules that speed up and monitor the actual data exchange between the different APIs.

A widespread approach to Application programming interface development is using the SOAP method through which the Web Services or APIs become platform independent. By using the same procedure the data can be processed in different programming languages.

At ShriShail Technologies we make an assessment and offer a good analysis of the technicalities of the objective and help estimate deadline and cost to meet client expectations.


  • Restful development
  • Mobile API development
  • Native app API development
  • Webapp API development
  • JSON API development
  • XML API development
  • Android API development
  • iOS API development

Facebook APIs:

  • Share
  • Login With Facebook
  • Retrieve profile & Information
  • Retrieve Likes
  • Connect Like box

Google APIs:

We have vast expertise and experience in using different Google API integrations. Below are listed few:

  • Calendar API
  • Android API
  • Place API for Android
  • Place API for IOS
  • YouTube APIs
  • Google Analytics API
  • Google OAuth API
  • Hangout onAir API
  • Login With Google Plus
  • Share on Google plus
  • YouTube APIs
  • Twitter API
  • OAuth API
  • Twitter Feeds import API

Other APIs

  • Interest REST API
  • Authenticating with OAuth. API
  • Foursquare data API

Apart from these platform APIs, ShriShail Technologies development Team has great expertise and experience of API integrations of – Salesforce, Constant Contact, AWeber, MailChimp, Comet Chat, Yelp, Optacore, Xml Soccer, NADA, Fastestlive, ClickaTell, InfusionSoft, Emoda and so on.