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Microsoft Dot Net

ShriShail Technologies is capable in developing desktop and online applications utilizing various advanced technologies. If you need an application developed utilizing .NET technologies, we have Microsoft Certified developers and programming engineers who have both the ability and experience to develop vigorous .NET solutions. Utilizing front line Microsoft.NET technologies, we can influence applications that could connect people, information, business processes, devices and systems.

.NET enables us to create revolutionary, powerful, cost-effective, business solutions that help our customers get more from existing technology investments. It helps us go ahead of advancements and create adaptable and versatile solutions that can help organizations coordinate existing IT systems into a more extensive structure to give the innovation needs without bounds.

Our .NET applications can work with clients and accomplices to build efficiencies. .NET allows the users to get customized experience and is engaged totally on the user. Our .NET solutions will bring down your working expenses and grow sales. They will serve as an easy connector of the services and facilitator of information permitting employees to access the desired information.

Utilizing .NET, our highly efficient developers can develop effective and powerful business solutions. Microsoft .NET is a highly reliable and robust development platforms that provide our developer the fastest and the most secured approach to make applications, and it likewise provides them a programming model that functions in a multi-dialect, productive environment. Moreover, utilizing .NET technologies our talented engineers can make solutions that function over a vast scope of computing gadgets. .NET likewise offers them a base for building Service Oriented Architectures (SOA).

Why .Net Technologies?

Its interoperability and flexibility makes .NET a preferred technology today. .NET technologies enable software engineers to rapidly develop, and manage, and utilize associated and secured solutions. Organizations using .NET can incorporate their systems faster and provide information anytime, anyplace, on any device.

ShriShail Technologies furnishes you with an extensive variety of software applications, which depend on the Microsoft technologies. The organization will give you a chance to exploit its services by really offering you the most experienced experts for your assistance with respect to it. The Microsoft .NET Development services have a number of powerful tools which are actually able to be used for numerous spheres for resolving some of the very significant challenging and vital tasks like-

  • A platform like MS SQL server, windows, Azure
  • Experience ASP.Net Design Patterns, NService Bus, Entity Framework, Saga
  • Experience Entity Framework, ASP.Net Design Patterns, NService Bus, Saga
  • MVC Design Pattern, Single Page Application using Angular JS, Routes in MVC,
  • Large CRM and ERP systems.

The Microsoft .NET Development is an approach to develop the desktop applications running on the Microsoft Windows. This really combines the rapid application advancement with the strong foundation for the effective and successful application. They include services like-

  • MS.Net development
  • MS Office SharePoint server
  • MS commerce server
  • MS exchange server

Some other vital services offered by the ShriShail Technologies are as per the following-

  • MS Dynamic NAV
  • MS Dynamics CRM
  • MS Dynamic AX
  • MS BizTalk server

ShriShail Technologies also offer ASP.NET Web applications and the web frames services like-

  • ASP .Net Web Application Development
  • Business backend application developments
  • Service Oriented Architecture and landscape
  • Apps for Branding
  • Apps for Promotion