Tourism and Hospitability Industries

Tourism and Hospitality industries are now opting digital transformation to lead and govern the extremely competitive business zone. Starting from catching the customer eyes to delivering the best travelling and hospitality experiences while cashing the profit along with it is main objective to every relevant organization.

Shrishail Technologies provides its client a seamless Microsoft dynamics based business solutions and its smart foundation to enable hospitality and travel organizations to blend the best of digital and in-store to provide individual, unified and discerned guest experiences by leveraging people desires and capturing perceptions to initiate your business growth.

In tourism section, Shrishail delivers a variety of solution to initiator by scaling the requirement and implementing the ideas with the help of Microsoft business software. It includes;

  • Seamlessly Engagement to your Customer

    Offering solution to understand customer behaviour, requirement and convincing their goals with offers, discounts and experiences which are individual, attractive and appropriate. Its increase the effectiveness of your business while enriching the profit along.

  • Empowering your employee

    Providing the correct job function’s information, and increases the employee’s engagement to working environment and customers which leverages the company potential at new level.

  • Optimizes your operation to expected level

    Scaling every sect of business, from inventory to end user operations and maintains the supply chain and insuring the industry leading security and manageability.

  • Transforming the Product

    Manage the host of ideas and combine them on single platform with the strategic priority to produce a new innovative product and services which are rapid in occurrence and suited to the market.

Implementation of Microsoft business software integrates and synchronise all hotel business management, connecting with online market, and governing all the sides rapidly and effectively: from Booking the rooms up to Reception and to Financial management, Channel Manager also includes Warehouses, CRM, Purchasing and pricing, Healthcare and Spa, Event and venues with insuring Business Intelligence.