Services Industries

The services sector is one of the prominent part of any country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It attracts foreign investment link, take participation in import-export procedure and provides employment wherever it has been established. In any country services sector generally covers a wide range of goings-on such as Trading, Hotel and resorts, Transport system, Communication and storage, Accounting, Finance, Insurances, Real estate, Business services, Social and personal services, and Constructions like services.

In current scenario, new business models are takings starts while pre-established business are choosing the expansion by implementation of innovative ideas and using skill to elaborate new possibilities. Along with the invention of Internet anyone want to possess every door with their product or services. It leads the automation and integration with in the industry to leverage the productivity and scales profit to new level. The rapid growth of e-Business models now integrating physical business foundation with online business platform. Physically established business now takes a turn to set their platform online in perspective of more customer reach who are globally available on social media platform.

Here Shrishail help you out by implementing your physical business ideas like business for travelling organisation, home services, online stores, grocery, dresses, car, bikes etc. over internet as e-business model to catalyse your customer reach and profit. Shrishail works on Microsoft Dynamics ERP software also known as eminent business software which provides the necessary solution and tools which your business wheels need to connect and manage your entire business online on single desk, ranging from financial and supply chain and from inventory, manufacturing and processing to other industrial operations, with the vision you need to accomplish your goal by executing your smart ideas.

Shrishail provides Microsoft Dynamics business solutions which are designed for service industries, which merges the project management, resource management, communication at various level, and business solutions, which in results help to reduce your risk and maximize your profit and customer satisfaction. Shrishail leverages the Microsoft Dynamics suite of ERP and CRM solutions to keep you at the peak in the business world.