Retail Industries

Retail sector is one of the top most double digit growth industry in country like India. With the rapid introduction of FDI to retail sector, it becomes more crucial to setup your business with more advanced functionalities to cope with customer’s large scale expectations. The emerging retail sector is ranging from food and grocery, apparel, electronics, e-commerce, fashion and lifestyle to various other trades. Amalgamation of technology with in well-established traditional retail segment has been something to considered from past era. Use of digital devices and software to integrate various stages like Product planning and management, Inventory control and supplies and creating backups for goods done electronically, internal and customer end billing has changed the overview of retailing.

Setting online retail business was not a spoon of honey to be swallowed easily in previous years. But as technologies enters to this sectors many of retailers after conquering with physical stores put their eyes to stand their business through e-retailing. With the crowd competition, rigid margins, and variable customer expectations, the requirement to develop employees and integrate workforce ideas with financial visions is become now more crucial than past years for retail businesses.

There is a requirement in retail industry to create value, catalyse & customize customer experiences while securing comprehensive business profitability. A well assembled and connected monitoring & control system across various stages in retail sector is an obligation to achieve efficiency in operations and cost effectiveness.

Shrishail provides a tailor made solution to new emerging e-retailers by implementing their ideas with in single roof with the help of Microsoft dynamics AX in ERP. It provides inclusive retail solution that skips the complexity for retailers to go through various steps in single walk. It helps to retail owner to cooperate with their consumers and provide backups to their employee across various hurdles. It provokes the organisation to deal with encouragement of elite shopping aura to clients which is seamless, personal and seems exclusive.

With the support from us the retailers can bind their customers and catalyse their expectations and demands, while securing and maintain the brand loyalty and scaling long-term growth.

With implementing the Microsoft Dynamics in Retail, it becomes more elementary to integrate these sects on single page.

  • Retail
  • Financial analysis and Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Product Manufacturing and Management
  • Supply Chain processing and Management
  • Transactions, Sale-purchase and Sourcing
  • Project Management and Accounting
  • Sales, Marketing and Services
  • Business Intelligence and operation efficiency reporting