Real Estate Industries

As urbanization comes in trend the folk from rural areas started to shift to metros and it enhanced the traditional Real estate business up to new level. In past decades the real estate pillars has traditionally been temporary and have undefined structures. Real Estate initiator had much more dependability over brokers and brokers were only pawn to play a game in real estate sect. Customer beliefs, trust and organised path of broker zone have always been avoided part due to absence of proper connectivity and transparency in procedures. As middle class and upper middle class has entered to this phase it catalyse the real estate business and it becomes more crucial part to integrate Customer centricity and Broker management for the sake of business success. Utilizing proper broking experiences to enhanced the existing customer loyalty real estate business and providing a complete transparency in various up-sell, cross sell activities in somehow more crucial than ever. It attracts new customers and business contenders to establish their goals in real estate business.

Shrishail uses Microsoft dynamics application to combine the traditional real estate business structure with advanced technology enabled structure so that it become more convenient to cope with various steps under real estate with single hand. Instead of using paper pens and notebooks to write down ideas and sharing visions, Shrishail provides a complete manifest to perform various real estate operations which have more transparency to customers.

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides fruitful and well settled solutions to pre-existing traditional Real estate organization by integrating the functionality of these stages together;

  • Resource Handling
  • Warehouse analysis and management
  • Automated transaction and billing with capability to countermand
  • Service Orders and cost management
  • Resource Planning and management
  • Utility requirement, consumption and billing
  • Required task and activity management

Microsoft dynamics help to operate various task like Property management, Insurance, Contract, Leases, Property information, Utility requirement-management and billing, Automated rent calculation, Access control, Mass approval and invoicing, Damage compensation and control etc. So it leverages the various real estate operation to be perform under single roof.