Healthcare Industries

Shrishail Technologies along with all the IT sector applications has also an eye to Healthcare world. While in a country like India, having second position in population globally, caring health properly on stereotype logics becomes common due to absence of proper sophistication of Medical and technology sect in last decades. As technology invaded to various sect including medical and health stretches, Healthcare industries becomes billions dollar business sector in India and achieving rapid growth in economic and technical terms. As moving towards privatization and embracing latest technology based enhancement, it enjoys a huge financial leverages in last few years. Though tech based changes have led to extended costs of medical care to patients; hopes for elegant healthcare amenities, transparency in services, extreme support and cure also manifested. Going through influence of privatization and modernization it becomes more convenient to escape from the daunts like, Inappropriate Patient Responsiveness, Extempore Sales Management, Unassembled Patient Information, Unmonitored Marketing Programs etc.

Since in past decades, deficiency of well-connected system, crystal clear procedures and automation in various chronological processes creates barrier to total care to patients and also cause difficulties in proper management relationships. Shrishail provides a secure and tech-enabled aisle to grow Healthcare delivery option along with promising extreme care to patient. The modus operandi for healthcare provided by Shrishail binds patients, members, providers, and the health organization using technology to delegate elite medical benefits to patients rather than depending upon traditional medical terminology.

Shrishail promises you to have assembled, profitable and innovative solutions that smoothens the flow of internal processes and enhances the experience at every consumer base line.


  • Engagement with various corporate stretches
  • Leveraging patient experience
  • Enhancing Customer-Management Relationship
  • Provides more efficient, convenient, and cost-effective ways for affording proper care
  • Providing the tech-enabled aisle to access the crucial clinician-patient based data in faster ways to avoid poor data collection through traditional ways
  • Allowing rural residents to collect pros diagnosis and treatment from remote medical centres
  • Self-service portals for Health care departments, members, franchises, patients
  • Integration of various departments under single roof