Food & Agro Industries

Food and Agro industries generally deals with food product productions, processing, packaging, Agriculture tools & equipment’s manufacturing, supply etc. There is a huge procedure from product planning to end-user delivery of product. And a huge challenging market is outside waiting to take a brawl with your ideas.

Various stages are linked physically with their following inspector, data calculator, observer, workmanship, machines and tools. Scaling the business on physical level in not a cup of tea. For which all you need to execute your plan with variety of ideas and convert it into innovative product which can lead in market along with balancing your product value and profit. Fisheries, Pig farming, Poultry farming are also part of Food and Agro industries and need tailor-made solutions to implement their ideas on fruitful ways. Though everything is possible with physical objects but when it comes to synchronise the whole business procedure, to calculate the revenue, profit and loss, to maintain the bills, inventory and employees record it become tough nut to crack.

Shrishail technologies brings tailor-made solution for your business goals by implementing your innovative ideas on Microsoft dynamics ERP business software like AX or NAV, which provide a platform to set all your pillars for successful business and it leverages your company with the potential to lead in the competitive market. The comprehensive solution from Shrishail by implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV or AX to your business, shelters the key roles of the food manufacturing and trading and Agro business, which includes the procedures like stock purchasing, inventory, traceability, quality control, logistics, food production, employee record, account and financing.


  • Management of vendors and clients with smooth procedure in terms of sales, purchase and profit.
  • Product Catalogue formation, which reveals the product details like their size, type, origin and formation strategies.
  • Manages the conditions like sales, purchase, inventory, packaging and supply operations.
  • Provide quality control from product planning to product launch in market.
  • Logistics Management.
  • Decision tools- It also provide decision tools during take over or merging of business and also provide an eye to dashboard operations.
  • Complete monitor over payments, taxation, country-based employee regulations.