Construction & Projects Industries

Shrishail Technologies helps their clients to meet their expectation in most feasible and flexible manner in every business sect, be it any type of business on ground level, Shrishail uses implementation of Dynamics AX and NAV to explore the peak level of business by leveraging the pillars of business with cutting edge solutions and support.

In Constructions & Projects, Microsoft Dynamics AX powered the commercial, public-sector, and specialized Architectural, engineering and constructions companies with the potential to lead, govern, execute, and support miscellaneous complicated projects profitably in the crowd of extremely competitive business environment.

From material handling procedure to accounting, warehousing, tool-equipment cost, and necessary financial task all of them now synchronise together with the help of dynamics AX application to brings the final result in much more profitable way. It also integrates the accounting with job costing and purchasing and thus helping to achieve the expected business goals.

Shrishail technologies provides the blend of software and industry experience together on which the clients distribution, manufacturing, import-export or service industries can bank on to help shifting from old traditional-but- outdated to new well tried and true systems resourcefully, cost-effectively, and profitably instead of facing the barrier of business size, location and specialization.


Implementation of Dynamics AX and NAV brings a huge row of benefits with assurance of time saving.

  • It increases sales and catalyse project management, job costing, materials handling, and Workmanship—while integrated all with your financial systems.
  • Successfully implementation gives the control over your costs and manage your time
  • Synchronise efficiently on projects and contracts and brings it on single system
  • Perform successful, compliant government and semi government as well as private project with total efficiency.
  • Cash the advantage of mobility to enrich the service delivery and the productivity of nomadic workers.
  • Optimize the ERP infrastructure your business structure and processes to drive significant results.