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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

ShriShail Technologies understand well the need for the complete customer lifecycle approach and how organizations can make better retention & customer acquisition and therefore revenue growth by leveraging the information made available during the sales and prospecting process. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a business solution to assist developing leads, track your sales, nurture contacts, and keep your customers happy. At its core, Microsoft Dynamics customer relationship management involves three basic steps:

  • Finding and developing customer relationships for the organization.
  • Cultivating these relationships to improve profitability.
  • Maintaining full satisfaction of all the potential customers.

Microsoft Dynamics customer relationship management encompasses all of the best practices of CRM, with the flexibility, familiarity, and functionality you expect from the Microsoft. It's a solution that assists organizations in all the categories to create and build more productive relationships with the old and new customers. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers every customer-facing employee the information they need to actually amaze customers.

Our Microsoft Dynamic CRM solution allows the ability to develop and provide accurate information about the customers and pipeline, helping resulting in more profitable on-going customer relationship management and successful closes. ShriShail Technologies offer this through its Microsoft CRM offering driving business intelligence by bringing together the numerous modes organizations use to contact with customers and prospects.

  • Multi-currency, Multi-language, and multi-time zone support
  • Continuous background synchronization with Outlook
  • Choice of mobile clients: Browser, Outlook, or mobile devices
  • Offline analysis and reporting
  • Integration for real-time communication
  • Visibility and 360 degree activity management
  • Flexible options for routing and email sending
  • Full remote access without a VPN
  • Auto-correct on data entry for accounts, opportunities and more
  • Outlook and Office personal productivity enhancements
  • Real-time and Batch data de-duplication
  • Enhanced mail-merge functionality

Key Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Consistency and Collaboration across the organization
  • Raise revenue by optimizing sales processes and resources via repeatable best practices
  • Effective and instant communication to the customers
  • Close deals effectively and quickly
  • Understanding dynamic customer needs

ShriShail Technologies has the right mix of experience and expertise to offer your organization with the most user friendly and Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution. Our solution focuses on enhanced information sharing, reflecting customer requirements, increasing sales effectiveness, and integrating multiple modes of customer communication. ShriShail Technologies have assisted organizations manage and deploy their MS Dynamics CRM systems, that bring the additional and required capabilities. These include:

  • Deployment Expertise in IFD
  • In- built Integration Service
  • Data Migration Application

Employees can access Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing, sales, and customer-service modules to make sales decisions, they can easily market products and get strategic views of the business. Moreover, organizations can create a centralized repository of customer data alongside Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Outlook, most expected the applications your employees use every day.