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Pay Per Click

PPC is an online advertising method which is used to direct targeted traffic to the websites, where advertisers need to pay the website owners a certain amount of money on the basis of, the number of times an ad is clicked. These are called Sponsored ads that you can see at the top of Google’s search results page. This is basically known as PPC advertising. Every time when an online user clicks on the ad, the visitor lands on your site and you need to pay to the site owner.

PPC Campaign Management

You are allowed to use different kinds of platforms to show your ads on tablets, Smartphone’s, and other devices or Besides, you can also denote certain settings within your PPC campaign, like the times or day you want your ad to be displayed, locations that you prefer to target and how much money you want to spend per day. These all things depends upon your own decision and that’s the magic of PPC. That is what pay per click has become of of the most significant aspects in today’s scenario. Using PPC campaigns, one can simply put their Ads directly in front of people who are searching on Google, MSN, Yahoo or Bing.

If you are struggling to grow online sales through PPC services, then we, at ShriShail Technologies offer professional PPC management services which can assist you to get more sales by attracting more and more customers to your business. We better understand that the success of PPC is not measured by the tools and technology, but by the best strategy.

PPC services steps

This advertising also consists of re-marketing options and mobile ads. Being a reliable and cost-effective PPC advertising company, we offer a great range of PPC advertising services, including:

  • Increased Paid Traffic
  • Better Sales and Leads
  • Creation of PPC Landing Page
  • Creating a striking Ad Copy
  • Set Up Ad Campaign that works
  • Right implementation of Paid Search Strategy
  • Enhanced ROI And Reduced CPC
  • Effective Bid Management and Re-Targeting

Our PPC Management Service also includes:

  • Integration of conversion tracking software on your website
  • Complete optimization of your ad groups, ad and keywords
  • We use split testing in Ad copies on a day-to-day basis
  • Use Google Extension ads
  • We provide product Listing Ads management
  • Bid optimization

Successful Pay per click campaign management requires a greater level of strategy and understanding that doesn’t come from just reading books or blogs, but comes from several years of experience in managing Pay Per Click campaigns for companies. We are dedicated to offering the greatest level of PPC campaign management at a reasonable price and that guarantee that your PPC campaign will give you the desired ROI. The PPC campaign management includes keyword research, campaign set-up, monitoring and management to measurement and reporting. We at first do keyword analysis for your business, and name those keywords that provide more enquiries.

Why Choose Us:

  • Highly dedicated and experienced experts
  • High quality PPC Management within your budget
  • Enhanced ROI On Your Ad Spend
  • 100% unique and Satisfactory Outcomes
  • Provide Transparent Business Policy
  • Effective and Reliable Services
  • 24 /7 Support

Our Processes:

Keyword Selection:

Our strategies are developed keeping in mind current trends of the leading search engines such as Google, MSN, Bing and Yahoo. Our technical experts perform a thorough inspection of your design and website strategy for your business. We start our process by selecting the best possible keywords that your target audience uses to find products or services. Every keyword we select is completely tested for their relevancy.

Creating Advertisements:

Advertisement is created for PPC campaign based upon the selection of keywords. Creating compelling Ad copy is an integral part of your PPC campaign. Such ad can be very fruitful and valuable in encouraging customers to buy your products and services.


Analysis of PPC campaign has always been vital and so our experts always do an in-depth research while creating campaigns. A proper research helps in knowing what your competitors are doing or missing to do. It could be very much possible that your competitors might be missing some excellent opportunities which you can capitalize on. Our experts research on your competitors for the selected keywords.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

We provide you with the progress report on a monthly basis featured with a detailed account of your website's key performance indicators. Such report could be very useful and effective as it assists you to assess the success of your PPC campaign.


Our PPC experts move on to the bidding process after the thorough selection of Keywords. Generally bid levels are pre-defined according to their performance to exact maximum ROI. But at the time of the bidding process, we need to monitor and assign the actual bidding value.

PPC is all about the analysis of your whole campaign. A proper management of PPC campaigns could allow you to reach the top in search results by paying very less money, No matter, whether you are an old or a new player in your field. If you are failing to get the best strategy for your campaign, then our PPC management service can help you grow your ROI within no time. You just need to let us help you find the true potential of your campaign.